Customized decode resolution model of 5mil or 3mil
-Decode all major 1D barcode symbologies including GS1 DataBar
-433MHz ISM frequency band
-Strong penetrating power for obstacle, up to 200 meters working range (open air)
-Two kinds of wireless network topology, point coordination and distributed coordination, are provided to match different environments, e.g. a place where mass data transmission at short intervals is in need, or mass scanners (up to 2000 pieces) operating simultaneously without disturbing to each other.
-1300mAh Li+ battery: up to 16,000 scans per charge
-Bulit-in self-protected charging circuit
-Batch modes: out of range notice; 2,000 barcodes storage

-Supports 16 handheld units with one base unit

-Supports 128 units to be used in same environment

-Reliable safety design: handheld case made of fire-resist material
-Lifetime scratch and abrasion resistance as the exit window made by chemically tempered float glass
-Easy firmware upgrade
-Intelligent barcode sorting technology: different scanners within one cluster can provide result to different software applications in one machine.
-Flexible software customization
-Customized RF mode of 2.4GHz Bluetooth is available.




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