inAni Labels


We manufacture a vast array of blank labels in a variety of materials, adhesive, sizes and configurations.



To orientate ourselves when describing a label, we always refer to the size of the label in Width x Height in millimeters (mm). 

This allows for a uniform system of describing and measuring labels. 

In the graphic to the right we hope to familiarize you with some terms used in the industry when describing a roll of labels





Thermal Transfer material has been coated to enhance the quality of the barcode print, paired with the appropriate ribbon. 


There are variations of this material available:

  • Thermal Transfer Premium

  • Thermal Transfer Standard or Vellum

  • Semi Gloss

download (31).jpeg


Direct Thermal material is heat sensitive material, coated to also enhance the quality of the barcode.  For those applications where the label will not be exposed to light for long periods of time and printing is without the use of a ribbon. 


There variations available are:

  • Thermal Top

  • Thermal Economy

download (32).jpeg


Dayglo labels are often required in environments where colour is important to make a product, box, rack to stand out.  We convert a variety of Dayglo colour label materials in pink, orange, yellow and green.

download (33).jpeg


Synthetic label materials are used in specialised applications where durability and longevity of the label and the information printed on it is important. 


These are available in a variety of options:

  • Polyester

  • 3M Polyester – Matt White or Matt Silver

  • Dairyfilm

  • Thermal Transfer Polyprop (TTP)

  • Syntyre

  • Fastyre



Security Tamper Evident materials are used in applications where evidence of tampering with a product by removing the label is required.  These materials are available in the following variations:

  • Foamtac

  • 3M Matt Silver VOID

  • Tamper Evident – Matt White

download (3).png


Tags are often required in situations where a label cannot be adhered to a surface or a product.  These materials are not pressure sensitive.  We convert the following tag materials:

  • Fastag

  • Semi Gloss Dukuza Board – 170g, 200g, 250g

  • Agritag

  • Raflatag

Adhesive options are available in environments where labels are required to stick for long periods of time in demanding conditions or at the other extreme where labels need to be easily removed.  There are various options:

  • Acrylic – Standard label adhesive

  • Hot Melt

  • Hi Tack Hot Melt – Aggressive adhesive

  • Removable adhesive – Easily remove the label when required

  • Piggy Back – An additional layer in the label sandwich where part of the label can be removed to apply to a document or box.  This type of material and adhesive combination are ideal for traceability of parcels and documents.