The Gizzu 3in1 Elbow USB to Micro USB/Type-C/Lightning 1.2m Cable allows you to connect 3 different devices to one cable for charging or transferring data. It features right angled ports for convenience, is made from a highly durable nylon braided material for the cable and an aluminium alloy connector casing for the various ports.

The Gizzu 3in1 Elbow USB to Micro USB/Type-C/Lightning 1.2m Cable is perfect for charging or transferring data to various devices. It features a elbow design on the ports for more convenience when connecting to certain devices. It allows you to charge 3 different devices simultaneously thanks to its 3 interfaces. No need to carry around any extra cables as it can cater to any compatible devices for Micro USB, Lightning or Type-C making it perfect for traveling or just on the go. For extra safety it is made from highly durable nylon braided materials and its aluminium alloy connector casing features anti-oxidation making sure you have better protection when in use.
<li>Widely compatible thanks to three different interfaces(Lightning/Micro USB/Type-C)</li>
<li>Charge 3 devices simultaneously</li>
<li>Highly durable nylon braided cable</li>
<li>Aluminium alloy connector casing which ensures better protection and anti-oxidation</li>
<li>Charge &amp; Sync supported with Type-C</li>
<li>Supports Samsung Fast Charging via Type-C</li>
<li>Elbow design protects your cable connection during charging</li>
<li>Product Name: 3-in-1 USB cable (Lightning/Micro USB/Type-C)</li>
<li>Product Model: GCU3IN1ELB</li>
<li>Interface Type: Type-A to Lightning/Micro-USB/Type-C(Elbow connection)</li>
<li>Cable Length: 1.2m</li>
<li>Cable Material: PVC coating, nylon braided</li>
<li>Current: 3A Max</li>
<li>Data Transfer: Type-C supports data transmission</li>
<h3>WHAT'S IN THE BOX:</h3>
<li>Gizzu 3in1 Elbow USB to Micro USB/Type-C/Lightning 1.2m Cable - Black x1</li>

GIZZU 3in1 USB to Micro USB/Type-C/Lightning Right Angle 1.2M Cable - Black

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